Tactical and outdoor Apparel

When it comes to tactical apparel Tactical Solutions has only one criteria. It has to be operator proven to be the best of the best!

Our apparel has been tested by specialist groups in the military, police, corrections and government councils. The clothing bolsters front-line deployment with innovative material that stretches and reacts in new ways. The technical innovations on garment setup, such as pocket placement, have proven to enhance operational capabilities and load-out functionality.

Every piece of tactical apparel must meet and exceed the strictest of standards on and off the field.

We are proud to be partnered with 5.11 Tactical. Their tactical range of apparel have been tested and tried by the world's finest operators.

Whether you are a civilian, operator, outdoor enthusiast or anything in between we have something for your toughest of environments.

We have the range to meet your needs irrespective of your demands. You can count on our brands being part of your tactical outfit for many years to come.