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Haix Florian Pro Fire Boot


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Haix Florian Pro Fire Boot


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Article no. 501501

  • Penetration Security
  • Certified for orthop. insoles
  • Climate System
  • Resoleable
Certification according to:
CE 0197
EN 15090:2012
HI3 CI SRC - Type F2A
Color: black
Height: 30cm
Height: high
Upper: Leather
ESD: no
Cut protection Class: no cut protection
Security Class: Type F2A, Type HI3 - Inside & outside attack
Waterproof: waterproof by GORE-TEX®
Weight per shoe: 1,215g
Leather Thickness: 2.5-2.7
Firefighter boot height: Shape D


Robust and Flexible Design The Florian Pro by HAIX is not just a boot; it's an essential piece of equipment for firefighters. Designed to handle risky situations, this boot is both robust and flexible. It's crafted from solid leather, ensuring durability, yet it incorporates bend zones at the back for freedom of movement, especially when kneeling.

Safety First

  • Waterproof and Resistant: Whether it's water, oil, or petrol, the Florian Pro is designed to resist them all, ensuring your feet remain dry and safe.
  • Anti-slip and Puncture-resistant Sole: Navigate challenging terrains with confidence, thanks to the boot's superior grip and protection against sharp objects.
  • Protective Steel Toe Cap: Your feet are shielded from potential impacts with the anatomically shaped, shock-resistant steel toe cap.
  • Protective Sole (Steel): Walk fearlessly over rough terrains. The integrated steel sole offers enhanced protection against sharp objects compared to textile soles.
  • Durable Outer Leather: The resilient outer leather ensures your feet remain unharmed from sharp objects or rough edges.

Comfort and Convenience

  • Breathability: The boot boasts a high level of breathability, ensuring your feet remain fresh and comfortable, even during intense activities.
  • Ankle Flex System: This unique system guarantees a perfect fit, providing the security of a lace-up boot but with the convenience of a slip-on. This means you can be ready for action in seconds.
  • GORE-TEX® Membrane: The Florian Pro is not only waterproof but also highly breathable, thanks to the three-layer GORE-TEX® membrane lining the entire boot.
  • Climate System: A specialized foam system allows air to circulate within the boot, facilitating moisture escape, essentially acting as an air conditioner for your feet.
  • High Shaft for Added Comfort: The extra-high shaft and ankle protection ensure a stable stand and additional comfort throughout the day.

Additional Features

  • Anti-static
  • Climate comfort
  • High heat resistance