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Haix FIRE EAGLE 2.0 Black


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Article no. 507526

  • Climate System
  • EN ISO 15090
  • Resoleable
  • RFID Pocket
Certification according to:
CE 0193
EN 15090:2012
AN CR SRC – Type F2A
Color: black yellow
Height: 23cm
Height: high
Upper: Leather
ESD: yes
Cut protection Class: no cut protection
Security Class: Type F2A, Type HI3 - Inside & outside attack
Clasp: RAPIDFIT system
Weight per shoe: 1,218.5g
Leather Thickness: 2.5-2.2
Firefighter boot height: Shape C

The Fire Eagle 2.0 is touted as the world's fastest firefighter boot, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Safety and Protection

  • Certified Safety: Complies with the EN 15090 standard, ensuring your safety during operations.
  • RFID-Pocket: Comes with an additional pocket designed to house an RFID-Chip (30 x 30 mm), allowing for easy identification and management of your protective gear.
  • RapidFit System: Be ready in a flash! The RapidFit system in the Fire Eagle 2.0 is the world's fastest closure system. It's operable with one hand, ensuring quick wear and an optimal fit.
  • Protective Sole (Steel): Traverse any terrain without worry. The integrated steel sole provides superior puncture protection against sharp objects compared to textile soles.
  • Durable Outer Leather: The resilient outer leather ensures your feet remain protected from sharp objects or rough edges, making the boot extremely robust against the challenges of everyday work.

Comfort and Convenience

  • Quick and Easy Wear: The RapidFit lacing system ensures swift wearing and an optimal fit.
  • Maximum Liquid Protection: The CROSSTECH® membrane by Gore® in the Fire Eagle 2.0 is not just waterproof and breathable; it also offers reliable protection against blood and body fluids.
  • Breathability with Climate System: A specialized foam system allows air to circulate within the boot, facilitating moisture escape, essentially acting as an air conditioner for your feet.
  • Perfect Fit: Thanks to specially developed lasts, the Fire Eagle 2.0 fits perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.