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Ventus P2-02 Filter Cartridge 3-PK (CE Certified)

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Ventus P2-02 Filter Cartridge 3-PK (CE Certified)

See CE Certificates and Declaration of Conformity HERE

Approved for use against oil-based contaminants

The CE-Certified P2-02 filter is effective and approved for use against both solid (non-oil) particulates as well as oil-based particulates in accordance with the requirements of the EN143:2021 standard. The TR2 Filter (Gen1) was developed to address solid (non-oil) particulates.

Improved filtration efficiency

The CE-Certified P2-02 filter offers improved filtration efficiency compared to the TR2 Filter (Gen1).

The TR2 Filter (Gen1) achieves a 97% efficiency against solid (non-oil) particulates.

The CE-Certified P2-02 filter features a new bonding and pleat design and tests ≥99% filtration efficiency for the sodium chloride filtration challenge for both single and multiple shift use. The P2-02 also has a >97% efficiency for the paraffin oil test and a >95% efficiency when retested after 24 hrs following the initial oil penetration challenge. As a result of the high-performance levels against these challenges, the P2-02 is certified for multiple shift use (i.e. not restricted to single-use like other products in market).

EN143:2021 has three
classifications which describe the minimum filtration efficiencies required:

  • P1 is >80%
  • P2 is >94%
  • P3 is >99.95%

Based on these thresholds,
the P2-02 was granted P2 classification despite performing well above the 94%
minimum requirement.

15% Increased Breathability

The P2-02 filter offers an
approximately 15% improved (lower) inhalation resistance compared to the original TR2 filter. The original TR2 filter has an average inhalation
resistance of 1.65 hPa (16.8 mmH2O) @ 85 LPM, while the P2-02 has an average inhalation resistance of 1.4 hPa (14.3 mmH2O) @ 95 LPM.

See our CE FAQ for more information on how the TR2
(CE Certified) compares to TR2 (Gen1)

 The P2-02 filter is compatible
with both TR2 (CE Certified) and TR2 (Gen1)