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Safariland Quick Locking System Holster Fork (QLS 19)

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Safariland Quick Locking System Holster Fork (QLS 19)

The QLS 19 Locking Fork mounts directly to the back of any Safariland® 2-hole pattern pouch or 3-hole pattern holster. The combination can then be connected to either the QLS 22 or QLS 22L Receiver Plate. Use with either of these receiver plates allows for quick transfer of holster between attachment points such as a belt loop, tactical leg shroud or other stable mounting platform. The QLS fork and plate combination passes the Level I Retention™ pull test.



  • QLS 19 Locking Fork locks into the QLS 22 Receiver Plate ONLY
  • Attaches to any Safariland holster with the 3-hole pattern and maintains a Level I Retention™
  • A quick pinch of the thumb and index finger allows the removal of any product attached to the unit for attachment on any other QLS 22 location
  • Permits the user to quickly rotate or adjust which accessories are carried, depending on the mission at hand