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QuiqLite X USB Rechargeable 20-75 Lumens Red/White Lite

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QuiqLite X USB Rechargeable Plastic Housing 20-150 Lumens Red/White Litd

QuiqLiteX High Power Red/White LED is USB rechargeable and provides from 20 up to 75 Lumens of light on demand. The first push of the On/Off button will activate the Red LED at 20 Lumens. The 2nd push of the button will activate the White LED at 20 Lumens, designed for normal reading, writing and maneuvering in the dark without having to hold a flashlight in your hands. If more light is required, simply push the X-BOOST button to increase up to 75 Lumens. The QuiqLiteX is equipped with a 10 minute auto-off battery saving timer and continuous Safety Strobe mode, plus QuiqFlare which provides visibility from over 1 mile away. Now includes a new Pupil Gauge located on the back of the QuiqLiteX.


QuiqLiteX Red/White LED


  • USB Rechargeable
  • 4 Modes: Red LED: 20 Lumens, White LED: 20/75 Lumens, Safety Strobe: 75 Lumens
  • Super-Bright Dual LEDs
  • Power X-BOOST Button
  • Dual Switch Technology
  • Independent LED Activation
  • Anti-Glare Visor
  • 10 Minute Auto-Off Timer
  • 180 Degree Adjustable Light Arm
  • 360 Degree Rotating Removable Magnetic Clip
  • Weather Resistant Nylon Housing
  • QuiqFlare Light Diffuser Attachment
  • New Pupil Gauge
  • CE Certified


  • QuiqLiteX
  • Removable Magnetic QuiqClip
  • QuiqFlare Attachment
  • USB Charging Cord


Red/White LED Mode

  • 1st push: activates Red LED at 20 Lumens (10 minute auto-off timer)
  • 2nd push: activates White LED at 20 Lumens (10 minute auto-off timer)
  • 3rd push: turns all LEDs off

Tactical Mode

  • If 2nd push is delayed past 2 seconds of 1st push, QuiqLiteX will auto shift into
    Tactical Mode turning off the Red LED without activating the White LED


  • 1st push of X-BOOST button located on the top of the product will increase White LED brightness from 20 up to 75 Lumens
  • 2nd push will dim light back down to 20 Lumens

Safety Strobe

  • Press & hold main power button down for 2 seconds to activate strobe
    (no auto-off timer)
  • Press button again to turn off strobe



QuiqLiteX uses a micro USB charging port located on the side of the product. Insert the supplied micro USB charging cord into the side of the QuiqLiteX and plug directly into a computer USB port, or other micro USB port with a minimum output of 5 volts.

CHARGING - Red LED is steady
CHARGED - Red LED is flashing

Charge time is approximately 2 hours



RED LED: 20 Lumens (5 hours)
LOW POWER WHITE LED: 20 Lumens (15 hours)
X-BOOST WHITE LED: 75 Lumens (5 hours)
STROBE: 75 Lumens (5 hours)
HOUSING: Nylon/Aluminum
BATTERY: 1 QuiqLiteX Lithium (included) Part# 052042
CHARGE TIME: 2.5 hours or less
WIDTH: 0.90″
WEIGHT: 1.4 oz. (w/ battery & clip)


How To Wear


  1. REMOVE QuiqClip. Slide the clip off product in a downward motion.
  2. Clip QuiqLiteX into the shirt pocket fabric between the main body and shirt pocket clamping slot.
  3. Cover top of QuiqLiteX with pocket lapel.


  1. REMOVE QuiqClip. Slide the clip off product in a downward motion.
  2. Activate On/Off button between MOLLE webbing loops.

The QuiqClip can be re-attached for thicker mounting applications up to 1" thick including gun belts, cite books, sun visors, jacket, hat, etc. The QuiqClip is magnetic and will hold to most metallic objects.

QuiqLiteX2 LED Light

QuiqLite in Shirt Pocket

* QuiqLite shown for illustration. Actual product may vary.

QuiqLiteX Red/White LED

QuiqLite in Molle

* QuiqLite shown for illustration. Actual product may vary.