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What do professional use in the wet?

What do professional use in the wet?

Posted by Jono, Tactical Solutions on

Rite in the rain. Writing in the rain like a professional.

It's wet...again!

So what do professionals use when they're outside and the weather's not playing ball?
Yes, they use... an umbrella...waterproof jackets and boots. of the biggest gripes in this weather is not getting drenched....but, trying to fill out an incident report (amoung other things), spread over the hood of a car using your jacket to try and keep the soggy mess of paper from falling apart.

Rite In The Rain solves this problem.

Waterproof notebook. Professional use.

We also deal in bulk.
If you want to get your unit or company involved...get in touch!

There has been some fantastic feedback from the front line and not just on the Defence side.
They also make fantastic log books for working out...chalk, sweat, weights dropped on them...they can really take a beating.

Best notebook for defence, army, navy.

Best notebook for scouts, cadets. New Zealand

best construction, builders notebook. Tough, proven. New Zealand

Best notepad for brewing, brewery, waterproof.

Best notepad for snow, wet, rain. Adventure. Keep track of adventure.

Best notepad for outside, hiking, tramping, waterproof.

What cops police use notepad. Best notepad for police.

Notebook won't decompose, waterproof, last, made from wood fiber.

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