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ESS Medium-Clearance P-2B Rx Nosepiece

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ESS Medium-Clearance P-2B Rx Eyeshield Nosepiece


The ESS Medium-Clearance P-2B™ Rx Eyeshield Nosepiece comes standard with the ESS P-2B™ Prescription Insert.

It is compatible with ESS Crossbow®, Crossbow Suppressor™, Crosshair™, ICE™, and ICE NARO™ eyeshields.

This replacement nosepiece for the P-2B™ Rx Insert provides 2mm of additional stand-off than the Low-Pro Eyeshield Nosepiece.

Even when used without an Rx carrier, this extra clearance improves the fit of eyeshields for some users whose eyelashes or cheeks touch the lens when using the Low-Pro Nosepiece, and also increases airflow for enhanced fog resistance.

Available in Black.

Important note: This nosepiece is compatible with the ESS P-2B™ Rx Insert, but NOT compatible with ESS U-Rx™ or Vice™ Rx Inserts.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.