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CamelBak Protective Mask Adapter Type M

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CamelBak Type M HydroLink™ Gas Mask Adapter

CamelBak CBR X products are designed exclusively for military and tactical users, intended for purchase only by authorized military and government agency personnel, and only through authorized government purchasing channels.

Please call us or use our 'Contact Us' page for more information and pricing.

CamelBak® has made it easy to attach a standard reservoir (for training) or chemically resistant reservoir to your protective gas mask. For most protective masks, it only takes a second to snap the HydroLink™ Protective Mask Adapter into place.


TYPE-M: Adapter fits Millennium, M17, M40 Series, MCU2P, M70 Series, and C4 (Canada) protective masks. M95 requires additional adapter.

WARNING! Use in a chemical environment requires CamelBak’s Chem Bio Reservoir™ 4.0 (CBR 4.0).


Total Weight (Pack and Reservoir): 0.96 oz / 27 g

CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we built it, we'll Bak it™ with our lifetime guarantee.