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ASP Charge Dock for 18650

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ASP Charge Dock for 18650

ASP’s rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries feature an exclusive, single-ended terminal design that allows them to be charged inside ASP Dual Fuel flashlights, while preventing charging current from being sent to non-rechargeable or other incompatible cells. This unique safety feature also makes possible the tiny, ingenious Charge Dock—a magnetic adapter that connects to the included retractable USB-to-micro-USB cord (or any micro USB charge cord), and self-fastens to the charging end of any ASP 18650, 14500 or 16340 battery. Once connected, an LED indicator flashes red while charging, and turns solid green when complete. The Charge Dock is a perfect, pocketable way to keep a backup battery topped off and ready.

The Charge Dock is only compatible with ASP Lithium-ion batteries, sold separately



• Length: 1.2” (1 3/16”)
• Diameter: 0.9” (7/8”)
• Retractable USB cord included