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Arktis Bodycam Utility Vests Standard

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Arktis Bodycam Utility Vests Standard

Tactical Solutions, in conjunction with Arktis have designed a custom-made Bodycam load bearing vest, the first of its kind in the New Zealand market.

The vest has been in development for over a year and has been designed around feedback from some of the biggest agencies in New Zealand.
With the change in legislation and equipment requirements, such as bodycams, becoming more prevalent the vest has been developed to maximise user operational needs and provide optimum functionality.
The operator’s equipment can be moved off their belt and directly onto the vest which has proven to have increased health and safety benefits as well as mitigated aggression from road users by having the body camera on display.



  • Peter Jones Radio Dock
  • 25mm Webbing for radio
  • Hang loop
  • Side entry zipped pocket
  • Webbing zip end
  • Loop patch for hook backed badges
  • 25mm webbing with stud closure
  • Radio pocket top entry
  • Drainage eyelet
  • 50mm reflective tape
  • Side seams
  • Rear loop patch back panels for hook backed badges



Larger Sizes can be made to order
The Vests are a generous fit due to undergarments/cold weather wear sometimes being required to be worn under the system
Compatible with all body armour options


* Item price for vest only.


Fully integrated solutions

Tactical Solutions’ vision was to create a fully integrated system, from head to toe, that encompassed all aspects of a professional’s apparel and PPE needs.

The Tactical team have created a platform that includes:
+ A custom Load Bearing Vest
+ Hard-wearing Apparel Solution
+ Body Camera Solution
+ Radio Communications Solution


Together with feedback from user experts the following areas were developed:
1. A custom radio pocket, with a webbing and dome closure to allow the radio to sit in the pocket with ease. An added drainage eyelet to drain moisture from the pocket.
2. The radio loop depth was reduced to suit accessories.
3. We changed the construction to be sewn at the side seams as opposed to the front and back being attached together with hook & loop.
4. We included a mesh liner to strengthen the garment and add enhanced breathability capabilities.
5. We added a piece of webbing behind the camera dock for strengthening and stability.


Hard-wearing Apparel Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in supplying apparel and PPE systems to the New Zealand and Australian front-line, Tactical Solutions have developed and partnered with world-leading apparel manufacturers to offer the best in class apparel solutions for any environment and situation.
Contact us for specialised roading apparel solutions.


Integrated Communication systems’ Architecture

Tactical Solutions have developed a live streaming body camera platform that includes all aspects of a

+ 4G & Wifi Streaming
+ Dual Wifi Band
+ Bodycam Data Plans
+ Remote Cloud Access
+ Evidence Management
+ Event Tagging
+ Redaction Capabilities
+ Zero Privacy Risk


 For more information on the solution or the vest please contact us.