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ESS Striker Tear-Off Lens 6-Pack

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ESS Striker & Innerzone Tear-Off Lens Covers (6-Pack)

ESS Tear-Off Lens Covers are thin, optically-clear films that stack on the outside of the goggle lens.  Tear-Offs can be quickly removed, one at a time, to instantly restore clear vision. While great in dirty and dusty environments, Tear-Offs also protect the goggle lens during normal use. For use with Striker and Innerzone series goggles.


 “Dear ESS, I am a member of our regional USAR Task Force and have been using my ESS X-Tricator goggles for over a year. These are the best goggles I've ever used--durable, lightweight, and very comfortable. These goggles have held up superbly to the rigors of structural collapse, confined space, trench, and vehicle extrication situations. I have been using the same tear-off lens cover since I bought my goggles. Whenever the tear-off gets wet, muddy, or oily, I just clean and dry it with no loss of visibility.”

 – Jeffrey McDonough, FF/Paramedic, USAR Rescue Tech, Cincinnati, OH