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My time at the CrossFit Games

My time at the CrossFit Games

Posted by Jono on

They say: Once you've been to the CrossFit Games, it changes you. 

You appreciate the next level of grind of some of the fittest athletes in the world. Their unmatched determination and will to break through anything that is put in front of them and then to take it further, is something to behold.

Maysie Palmer, one of our New Zealand CrossFit elite who's home box is Thorndon CrossFit, visited the games last year in Madison. If you're in Wellington, look them up:

Maysie grabbed some of our New Zealand made weighted plates that fit into the 5.11 CrossFit Games plate carrier and we got talking about the games.
What an awesome person. 

Here's her take on the CrossFit Games:

Masie Palmer CrossFit games 5.11 weighted vest

Last year (2018) I had the epic opportunity to get to the CrossFit Games!! I travelled with WODventures who took us from Chicago to Madison. We did a WOD every day at local boxes, a Segway tour, Beers&Barbells at Wisconsin Brewing Company, nights out & a Lake Trek then finished with five days at the Games.

The Games were everything & more then I’d expected with the venue kitted out with all the CrossFit gear a competitor could want!! The arenas were epic to be in, to watch & soak in the atmosphere. The athletes were as impressive in real life as they are on TV & just as friendly. With an arranged 4.45am wake up call we were lucky enough to get pics with Tia Toomey, Josh Bridges, James Newbury, Annie Davidsdottir, Cody Anderson, Brooke Ence, Noah Olsen, Jamie Greene, Zeke Grove & Lauren Fisher.

We got shirts designed by athletes with their names printed, new release Reebok gear, knee sleeves issued to competitors, ropes, wraps & extras. I was lucky enough to get the 4th to last 5.11 vest for sale at the Games that was on display so came with all the extra badges & compimentary name badge from 5.11!! When I got back to NZ I ordered the TSL Training Plate 5.75lb from Tactical Solutions Ltd which fit perfect in my 5.11 vest.

I’ve since done the Haks in my vest with the plates inserted & it’s next level!! Goal is to start smashing some of those butterfly pull ups in the vest that the athletes make look effortless!!

Thanks team for creating seriously good quality plates to fit into my 5.11 vest. To bring it back from the CrossFit Games and have it kitted out/completed by a NZ Tactics Company is the dream!!



What is Maysie focusing on at the moment?

"I'm excited because my coach & I are on the same page in that I can start smashing my pull ups/C2B/muscle ups.

Plan is to incorporate the vest into my upper body work outs."

What's next for Maysie?

Big things! Keep up an eye out...

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