Goodbye to a Tactical Operator and the iFak gift that he left you

Posted by Jono - Tactical Solutions on 25th Jun 2021

Goodbye to a Tactical Operator and the iFak gift that he left you

Today is a sad day for us at Tactical...

We say goodbye to Karl, one of our Auckland store front-men, who has headed up our Tactical Medicine side.
Karl will be heading off to Canada to further his studies in Tactical Medicine.
All the best on your journey, Karl. We look forward to crossing paths in the future, again.

Karl has left us with a gift!

Meet the Operator Front-line Tear-Away iFak kit!

Every iFak (Individual First Aid Kit) has a purpose and a place in your response toolbox.

The front-line Tear-Away iFak kit, made by Karl, is built for the mobile team responder.
The system has been designed to deal with trauma as quickly and effectively as possible, but it has been taken a step further.
The Tear-Away Tech allows you to quickly detach and reattach your kit from your carrier, body armour, pack or vehicle carrier solution.

The kit can then be taken to the casualty and aid can be administered while not being attached to anything.
Once the task has been completed the kit can be quickly reattached.

Advantages of Tear-Away Tech includes:

  • + The kit does not have to sit in the front of your carrier.
  • + You can attach the kit when needed.
  • + You have a full range of dexterity when dealing with the kit.
  • + Your team can take the pack off of you without you having to move your focus off of your objective.
  • + Can be used for quick multiple deploy options during an emergency.

Proudly Local

We have locally sourced all the internal consumables of the front-line iFak kits and have a large stock holding on hand. We have various stocked options available for the pouch, so configurations remain highly customisable.

TS IFAK Tear-away Kit with Orange Tourniquet

See what's in the kit HERE

Specialist groups

We have created various iFak kits that are actively being used by our front-line active groups.
We have also created iFak solutions for different levels of a team and specialist groups.
The team leader having large deployable iFak kits that can be broken down into smaller more concise deployable units for his team that doesn't need to carry the same components.

If you or your team are looking for a solution, get in touch.
We would be happy to find a solution with you.