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CrossFit weighted vest special! 

CrossFit weighted vest special! 

Posted by Jono, Tactical Solutions on

We're right in the middle of the CrossFit Games!
What an awesome battle so far! The men are separated by 2 points and the women by 12.
One of our favourites, Josh Bridges, is still hanging in there at 25th.
He managed to finish off the grueling 42km marathon row in under 3 hours (yes, that is hardcore). We're hoping he kills it at the course tomorrow!

So...what's special about the course?
It's called the Battleground, and to get through it you have to fight through a:

  • Rescue Randy drag
  • 2 rope climbs
  • Obstacle-course run
  • 2 rope climbs
  • Rescue Randy drag

Check out a video of it here:

Imagine how their arms, back, grip and everything must feel after such a massive day yesterday!

But wait...there's more.
the men have to do it in 5.11 20lb vest and the women in a 14lb vest.

It is going to be awesome! Join the conversation on our social media sites, links below.

We stock and sell those CrossFit weighted vests from 5.11 and what sets us apart from everyone else is that we make our own plates that top out exactly at 20lbs for the men and 14lbs for the women. Not many suppliers can claim that.
We had a choice of running with some other training plates, but we've decided to keep it pure and stick to exact CrossFit Games specifications.

...and here's the good news!

You can grab yours at 15% off until Friday 10 August 2018!

Even more good news..we're taking 15% off the plates too!

Use the coupon code:


at the checkout to get 15% off your vest and plates!

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